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  Can a sculpture express the idea of wind or clouds?

Using color-infused Mylar forms, I make large-scale translucent sculptures.  Light plays through the forms, casting color shadows, and the lightweight material gently moves to air currents.  As I develop my sculptures, the openness and translucency of the forms allow me to explore connections and forces within each work.  The forms often suggest life in the oceans and air, its richness, complexity and fragility.

Throughout my career, I've been drawn to the natural world, to feelings of freedom and completeness which untouched nature can offer. As a landscape painter, I produced panoramas of sea and sky. As a printmaker, I did experimental work to suggest earth forms. In my current work, I see that my sculptures are a natural outgrowth of these past interests.

I have spent most summers of my life on the coast of Maine, watching clouds move across the great sky, the migration of birds and the tide pool worlds.  I've been touched by what I find in nature, its changing face and underlying complexity.  Life appears so momentary that it's both difficult and exciting to record.  Still, that remains my central purpose as an artist, to use my sculptures as poetic responses to the fragile web of life, to all I discover in the world around me.

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