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Free-hanging works
  Clouds, Movement and Radiant Color
112"x 125"x 87"
  Inside the Wind
115"x 112"x 68"
  Dance of the Wind Spirits II
75"x 138"x 32"
  Cloud Spirits
126"x 148"x 60"
  Dance I
52"x 84"x 30"
  Underwater/Arboretum: Maui
100"x; 122"x; 36"
  Underwater Variation I
100"x 65"x 27"
  A Slightly Eccentric Orbit
45"x 40"x 30"
  Microcosmos IV
Wall-hung works
  Spirit Study
7"x12"x2 1/2"
  Tide Pool
24"x48"x 2 1/4"
22 1/2"x 26"x 4"
6"x 7 1/2"x 3 1/2"
6"x 8 1/2"x 3 1/2"
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